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Published on septembrie 26th, 2013 | by Primaria Sectorului 6


Informare de presa

În zilele de 23 şi 24 septembrie a.c., ca urmare a dezbaterii la Curtea Constituţională a României a legii care permite eutanasierea câinilor comunitari, Primăria Sectorului 6 a fost victima unui atac cibernetic, prin intermediul platformei

Peste 6200 de mailuri au semnalat nemulţumirea utilizatorilor de internet faţă de posibila adoptare a măsurii legislative de eutanasiere a câinilor comunitari în România. Faptul că mesajul este acelaşi, în toate cele 6200 de e-mailuri, precum şi faptul că expeditorii se repetă, încadrează această situaţie în categoria atac cibernetic prin spam.

În acest context, precizăm că Primăria Sectorului 6 nu are prerogative legale în ceea ce priveşte internarea în adăposturi şi eutanasierea câinilor comunitari din sector.

Cu toate acestea, Primăria Sectorului 6 colaborează cu Fundaţia Vier Pfoten într-un proiect de sterilizare a animalelor comunitare de pe raza administrativ-teritorială a sectorului.

Până acum, circa 2000 de câini au fost sterilizaţi şi vaccinaţi.

Competenţa în ceea ce priveşte ridicarea câinilor de pe stradă aparţine Autorităţii pentru Supreavegherea şi Protecţia Animalelor – ASPA, instituţie subordonată Primăriei Generale a Municipiului Bucureşti. Poliţia Locală Sector 6 comunică organelor abilitate locurile unde este nevoie de intervenţie.

Pentru informarea membrilor comunităţii, mesajul este:

„Subject: Give the dogs a chance to live

Dear Mayor,

I am fully aware that the co-existence of stray dogs and people is a tough challenge and incidents do occur. I have seen many attempts to solve this situation in either an aggressive or peaceful manner.

Still I do not see any change.

There are many options to deal with this issue in a rational and efficient way. The important thing is to choose the one that will improve both human and animal welfare at the same time.

Its astonishing to think that a law which allows mass killing might come into force here in the EU, particularly in the 21st century. The decision of the Romanian Parliament was quick, without reason and lacking a real solution.

I used to consider Romania as a potential destination for my holidays. In light of the recent law passed I have revised my travel plans and look to other destinations, unless the culls are stopped and animals are given the right to live.

I kindly ask you to use the following proposal in 5 steps instead of killing:

Establish adoption centers.

Establish mandatory micro-chipping for all dogs in urban and rural areas (include information about the kennel and the owner).

Ensure proper enforcement of micro-chipping including:
– Mandatory neutering of all dogs except pedigree dogs
– Ensure that the abandonment of dogs is a criminal offence
– Veterinarians are not allowed to treat animals without micro-chips and are obliged to alert local authorities when they come across one

Start an integrated mass-sterilization program at a national level. Join forces with capable NGOs.

Start media partnerships to encourage adoptions at a national and international level.

You may adapt this proposal and prioritize it at your convenience. I am confident you will see the opportunity available and take it. If you believe in this then the people will follow you. It will take some time, patience and a lot of work but the reward will come too: empty streets, happy people and happy dogs.

We live in a modern world where animals are a member of your family, how is IT possible that all these innocent dogs are killed for this stupid reasons? How can you call this politics? Hoe do you think that your reputation is? I can say that i really hate you romanians

Yours sincerely,



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